People of Downtown L.A.

On my walk two and from work in downtown LA, I've come across many an interesting person. So for some of my warm-up drawings I decided to draw them....and then post them online. Hey, chances are they don't have a laptop, so don't judge me.

These are the color folks I have been encountering on my walks to and from work in downtown L.A.
Ricky, the pirate king of downtown LA
just a girl and her yarn
He's just getting from A to B the only way he knows how.
so sayith the prophet
Some of kind extreme flower delivery service perhaps?  It could explain the helmet.
was preached/passionately debated to by a Hasidic Jew from brooklyn for 3 blocks.
A rather dapper vagabond.
what do you think he's hiding under there?
this guy just wanted to rock
some guys just can't win
i believe he had beyonce playing
everyone needs a little friend
ho, ho......huh
You're never too old to learn.
These lovebirds had a rough night.
Even his walk was big, and he knew it.
Maybe his dream is to be an Aussie themed/bicycling opera singer.   You don't know. 
Captain on deck.
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